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Why is HIV/AIDS Education Important?

HIV/AIDS has ceased to be just a health issue. It is undoing many of the development gains made in recent decades. Unless we succeed in stopping the epidemic, countries could be left with reduced populations, fewer people available for productive work, and weakened economies.
HIV and AIDS information can have two results:

  1. To raise people’s general levels of awareness about the disease
  2. To educate people about the disease.

Awareness can mean that people acknowledge that the disease is present in the society and understand how it is transmitted.  It usually does not give them the means to recognise their own involvement in acting to prevent further spread of the epidemic.  In contrast education about HIV and AIDS should enable people to recognise their own role in prevention and their role as members of a society in dealing with people (in this context, co-workers) with HIV/AIDS.
It is KMS’s goal to not only increase your awareness but to educate you about your role in the battle against HIV/AIDS.



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In May 2010, the 1Goal: Education for All Campaign was launched as a 2010 World Cup initiative. Several organisations such as FIFA and famous personalities are part of the campaign.

The 1Goal Campaign is a coalition of 100 organisations from 100 countries established in 2009 to raise awareness about the 72 million children around the world who are said to have no access to quality basic education. The initiative aims to get all children across the world to school by 2015.

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