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Skills Programme for End User Technology

  1. Basic PC and IT concepts
  2. Word  Processing (Introduction) and Microsoft Office Packages
  3. Spreadsheet (Introduction)
  4. Presentation Development
  5. Using Electronic Mail
  6. Internet Principles and World Wide Web
  7. Introduction to Computer Programming


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Department of educationumalusiAPETTDETDP SETA
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In 2009, 2 514 new ECD centres were registered. Of these, 1 385 centres are based in rural areas. This is part of government's plan to expedite rural development.

By March 2010, there were 16 250 registered ECD sites in total.
Some 719 194 children benefited, including 432 727 children who
were subsidised by government.

enhancing and improving professionalism and capacity of the South African public sector employees.