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Municipal Finance

Guiding Principles:
The Municipal Finance Management Act introduce:

  1. Modernised Budgets
  2. Financial Management
  3. Supply Chain Management Practices
  4. Outcomes (through effective Financial Management)
  5. Increase service delivery to communities
  6. Efficient, effective and economic resource utilisation

Is your municipality ready to meet the deadline of full competence by 31 December 2012?
Background to the National Treasury (NT) Minimum Competency Regulations (GG 29967)
The Municipal Finance Management Act No 56 of 2003, (MFMA) introduced modernised budget, financial management and supply chain management practices to the local sphere of government.
Roll-out of the Municipal Finance Management Programme (MFMP)
The MFMP is divided into 6 Learning Programmes which are made up of 28 SAQA-registered Unit Standards (21 of which are specifically included in the Minimum Competency regulations).  These learning programmes cover key competencies within the areas of strategic and financial management and will add value to all senior and middle management in their quest for delivering high quality, effective, efficient and economical service delivery.
LP’s (Key Skill Areas)

LP No. Learning Programmes SAQA Unit Standard ID’s
LP1 Strategic management; budgeting implementation and performance management 116358; 116342; 116345; 116364; 116383; 116341
LP2 Municipal accounting and risk management 119350; 119348; 116346; 116362; 116339; 116357; 116351
LP3 Governance and legislation 119348; 116343; 116344; 116361; 119334
LP4 Cost and capital planning 116347; 116340; 119331; 119341
LP5 Municipal IT support and project management 119351; 119352; 119343; 116360
LP6 Supply Chain Management and Public Private Partnerships 116353; 119353



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