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Human Resources Training and Development

Industrial Relations

  1. Disciplinary matters and dismissals
  2. Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  3. Recognition agreements
  4. Employment contracts
  5. Drafting of IR documents
  6. Retrenchments and redundancy


Dispute Resolutions

  1. Available to assist directly with collective disputes, including the handling of work stoppages and strikes
  2. Resolving general disputes such as individual dismissals and alleged unfair labour practices
  3. Representation at CCMA and bargaining council dispute proceedings
  4. Preparation for and representation of client at arbitration proceedings (where applicable)
  5. Independent Mediator and Arbitrator
  6. Drafting of Dispute Resolution structures
  7. Fact finding and Advisory Awards


Policies and Procedures

  1. Employee Contracts of Employment
  2. Independent Contract of Agreement
  3. A Disciplinary Code
  4. Restraint of Trade(where applicable)
  5. A Disciplinary Procedure
  6. A Grievance Procedure
  7. A Retrenchment/Redundancy Procedure
  8. A Dispute Procedure
  9. A Company Policy on Dealing with Industrial Action
  10. A Company Policy on Ill Health and Absenteeism through Sick Leave
  11. A Company Policy on Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  12. An Employment Equity and Anti-Discrimination Policy





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