Business Skills

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Business courses offered

  1. Fair Selection and Recruitment
  2. Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  3. Skills Development Act of SA
  4. Labour Relations Act
  5. Basic Financial Understanding
  6. Financial Skills for Leaders
  7. Strategic Planning
  8. Planning and Organising
  9. Managing People
  10. Managing Performance
  11. Managing Resources
  12. Fundamental Management Skills
  13. Performing at Work
  14. Achieving Results Through People
  15. Managing Production
  16. Functional Supervisory Skills
  17. Leading Small Teams
  18. Building Teams During Change
  19. Supervising The Resources
  20. Project Management
  21. Office and Clerical Skills
  22. Basic Office and Admin Skills
  23. Business Administration
  24. Managing Business Administration
  25. Introduction to Computer Technology
  26. Telephone Skills
  27. Tele-Sales Skills
  28. Quality Customer Service
  29. Business Writing Skills
  30. Introduction to Total Quality Management (TQM)
  31. Performance Management


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