Public Sector

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IT/Computer Skills

  1. Install personal computer  peripheral devices GUI Environment) 117943, Level 1, 2 credits : 2 days
  2. Use Generic Functions in a GUI Environment Level 1 & 2, 4 credits : 3 days
  3. Input and Retrieve Computer Data 242864 : 2 days
  4. Conduct Basic Research Methodology in an Office Environment, Level 3, 6 credits : 2 days



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In May 2010, the 1Goal: Education for All Campaign was launched as a 2010 World Cup initiative. Several organisations such as FIFA and famous personalities are part of the campaign.

The 1Goal Campaign is a coalition of 100 organisations from 100 countries established in 2009 to raise awareness about the 72 million children around the world who are said to have no access to quality basic education. The initiative aims to get all children across the world to school by 2015.

enhancing and improving professionalism and capacity of the South African public sector employees.